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Child and Teen Therapy

If Your Child Is Struggling with any of these behaviors:
Child Therapy helps with child anger issues

  • Sadness or Anxiety
  • Difficulty making friends
  • Peer pressure and risky behaviors (drugs, alcohol, sex, running away)
  • Back talk and disrespect
  • Disobeying the house rules
  • Anger or Depression

Child and Teen Therapy Can Help….

Is your child feeling anxious, depressed, or pressured by peers, which is causing them stress?Is your teen associating with different friends, staying out late, not following the rules, or not talking to you?Are you tired of feeling worried and frustrated because nothing seems to help? With child and teen therapy, I can help your child or teen get back on track.


Child and Teen Counseling

All kids want to have a good relationship with their parents. Sometimes they just don’t know how to do it. I teach children and parents how to strengthen their relationships, improve communication, and develop stronger attachments. Child therapy techniques include play therapy and art therapy. With teen therapy, depending on the individual teenager I may use talk therapy, play therapy, art therapy, or cognitive behavior therapy. My solution focused approach helps children feel more confident and empowered as they grow emotionally and improve behaviorally.

Children can also struggle when there has been issues in the family – such as divorce or death. We also find that parents struggle too when their child is hurting. I also works with parents and at times the entire family to help you communicate better. Your happiness and peace of mind are my goals.   Teen Therapy helps with teen depression

Being a parent myself as well as working with children, teens, and their families for over 20 years, I understand that finding relief for a child in need becomes an important priority. While I do meet with children and parents individually, many times family counseling is beneficial. I invite you to contact me so that we can begin the healing process and discuss the best way that child and teen therapy can help your child and your family.


Please don’t wait one more day. Child and Teen Therapy is worth the investment-your child’s happiness. Call me at 661-259-8200×2 or schedule an appointment online.