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Communication Therapy

Do you avoid confrontation at all costs?

Do you mumble under your breath or roll your eyes?1cb98c9df8

Do you stuff your feelings?

Do you get angry but don’t tell the person you are angry with them?



Communication Therapy may help you and your family. Do you yell or blame other people when things don’t go your way?  Are you looking for love but appear shy or arrogant? By identifying how you communicate in counseling, you become aware of how others look at you. More importantly, you can learn how to communicate so people listen to you. In Communication Therapy, I teach you new skills so you can communicate in a more effective and healthier manner to get what you want in your relationships. Communication counseling can and usually is a part of couples counseling and family therapy. Let’s face it, we all need a little help communicating better. Right?

Communication Counseling Experience

The process of counseling will not only help you identify the way you communicate, but I will identify where the “breakdown” of communication happens in the process, which will help you be more successful in all your relationships. How we communicate our thoughts and feelings is critical in all relationships. Communication Counseling for Couples is the number #1 reason couples come to see me. I help couples not have the same argument over and over again. Similarly, family therapy always involves teaching family members to communication better. Have you ever dealt with a teenager who screams “I’m fine!” If you, your partner, son/daughter, or family needs help with communicating better, please call me at 661-259-8200×2 to set up an appointment or schedule online.

Over the past 20 years, I have taught social skills and communication workshops to children and adults. If you feel misunderstood, in counseling I can help you develop skills to express yourself so that people will understand you. And, if you are frustrated because you are not getting what you want from your spouse, partner, son/daughter, friends, or boss, I can teach you skills and strategies to communicate what you want and need from others. Communication therapy for individual, couples, and families is a practical hands on approach to get you and your spouse to communicate in a open and honest way. We all want our feelings to be validated. We all want to be understood. You don’t have to have the same argument over and over! Communication therapy will give you a different experience.

Communication Therapy Benefits

In communication therapy, I will help you identify your communication style(s) and help you identify where the “breakdown” of communication happens in the process. Once you know where the breakdown happens, you can implement new skills and communicate differently; which will help you be more successful in all your relationships. How we communicate our thoughts and feelings is critical in all relationships. Not to mention, expressing yourself keeps you healthy emotionally, mentally, and physically. Did you know that people who hold their feelings in or “stuff their feelings” tend to get depressed, anxious, or physically ill with colds more often?  If you, your partner, son/daughter, or family needs help with communicating more effectively, please call me 661-259-8200×2 to set up an appointment for communication counseling.

Communication Therapy for Couples and Families

Couples come into my office complaining of one thing….Communication Problems. We learn how to interact with the opposite sex by watching our parent’s interactions growing up. Some people learn to hold their feelings in while others learn that the loudest voice gets heard. How did you learn to communicate? In communication therapy for couples, you will learn how to express your feelings in an open and honest way. Many times communication problems trickle down from parents to children. In this case, communication family therapy is necessary. Parents and children alike need to learn how to communicate in a way to get their needs met. Parents are role models. Therefore, parents need to know how to effectively communicate so they can teach their children how to express themselves in a healthy way. Communication effects the entire family. Learn more about my couples therapy services.

Improve communication with your husband, wife, children, or family! Don’t have the same argument again. Because you and your loved ones deserve it. And, I want to help you have more healthy, fulfilling and loving relationships.

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